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25 Years Of The Sterling Group

Wednesday 31st January 2024

Sterling - 25 Years Of The Sterling Group

For over 25 years, The Sterling Group has been a trusted partner in providing essential contractor solutions across the UK. As we reflect on our journey so far, we are exceptionally proud of how far we have come in supporting both contractors and clients through changing market conditions. From humble beginnings in 1998, we have steadily grown our operations through dedication to unmatched compliance expertise, diverse payment options tailored for modern work styles, and long-term relationships built on mutual respect. Over a quarter century, we have stayed focused on our core mission—enabling flexible workforce opportunities while upholding the highest standards of service, benefits, and compliance management. As we embark on the next chapter, we remain committed to this vision and look forward to advancing our role as the ideal contracting partner for many years to come.

The Sterling Group is a company with a long history of success, and our commitment to excellence is evident in our many milestones over the years. For a whistle stop history lesson you’re more than welcome to take a look through the history of The Sterling Group right here from supplying contractors for the development of Wembley Stadium to being fundamental in the development of contracting partnerships for rail works across the country, it is ultimately our longevity in the industry that is a testament to our dedication. Of course, no company is without its challenges, but The Sterling Group has proven our ability to overcome any obstacle. Through innovation, hard work, and a commitment to customer service, we have built a strong reputation in compliance which has helped us establish an enviable client base. It is this kind of commitment that sets The Sterling Group apart and ensures our continued success in the future.

Aside from our reputation, The Sterling Group has been innovative in our approach to our clients and making our working environment as simple and straightforward as possible. Initially when the company was formed  the  processes were quite labour intensive and there was a lot of manual intervention. However through the continued development  of  our own bespoke systems by our  internal IT team this has enhanced and streamlined all of the company’s processes.  Sterling has also applied advances in technology such as text messages in the early days and the Sterling app now used by the majority of Sterling contractors which allows access to their account 24 hours per day. The Sterling Group made leaps and bounds ahead of our competitors, developing our own systems and procedures that ensured, even with some of the biggest challenges and legislation changes in industry history, Sterling were always able to adapt and give our clients the premium service that we had become known for.


Co-founder managing director Ian Black said “Our goal has always been to make the life of contractors, agency partners  and our  employees as simple as we could, our first priority has always been the people. Over 25 years we’ve been able to develop the business to be people-first while also developing the people within the business”


At The Sterling Group, longevity in service is not a rarity. Numerous team members have vested their professional growth in Sterling over the past 25 years mirroring the company’s enduring legacy. More than just a testament to Sterling’s stability, this fact speaks volumes about the firm’s ability to nurture and cultivate its workforce, a characteristic that distinctly differentiates it from its rivals. From our very first interaction with you, to the top-tier encounters with our senior leadership team, Sterling’s core values are prominently displayed, organically woven into the fabric of our culture, thanks to our emphasis on internal talent development. This not only crafts a secure working environment for our team but also fosters an enduring trust across all our partnerships.

As we mark 25 years of Sterling Group, it stands as a testament to resilience, innovation, and unwavering commitment to its core mission. From humble beginnings to becoming a leading contracting partner in the industry, the journey has been marked by dedication to compliance expertise, fostering long-term relationships, and tailoring services to modern work styles. Their innovative approach to simplifying processes, adapting to industry changes, and prioritising a people-first philosophy has set them apart from competitors. In the words of co-founder managing director Ian Black, their goal has always been to simplify the lives of contractors and employees, keeping people at the heart of their operations. As they embark on the next chapter, The Sterling Group remains committed to these principles, ready to further advance their role and continue their legacy of success. Here’s to the next 25 years of The Sterling Group.

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