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As a contractor, having the right insurance is essential to ensure you are covered for every eventuality, from personal injury and professional indemnity cover against claims for negligence (making a mistake, for example, or giving bad advice), to protection for the public and employees in respect of your role.

At Sterling, we ensure that all contractors registered with us have the appropriate insurance cover, and are not only protecting themselves but their livelihood.

Sterling contractors benefit from a range of insurances for most industries so contractors can rest assured they are covered for the majority of situations, including:

Standard Insurances

Personal accident

An accident in the workplace will have a significant impact on anybody, but for contractors in particular, who rely on consistent work, having personal accident cover will help to reduce the financial impact that an accident could potentially have on income.

Public liability

Contractors are covered for damage to third party property, as well as injury to third party persons.

Employers' liability

As a contractor with Sterling Solutions Umbrella Limited you’ll automatically be covered by Employers’ Liability insurance. In the event you suffer a work related sickness or injury at work, you have the right to claim against the employer for compensation.


Dedicated Insurance Team

Before taking on any assignment, we recommend contractors contact Sterling’s Insurance Team for further information.

Additional Insurances

Should your work require it the following covers are included:

Professional indemnity

Professional indemnity insurance provides cover against claims for negligence (making a mistake, for example, or giving bad advice).

Offshore insurance

For contractors working offshore in the energy sector, offshore insurance is essential. Before taking on any offshore assignment, we recommend contractors contact Sterling.

Sterling’s insurance cover is worldwide, with the exceptions of USA and Canada.

Insurance Key Facts