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Maximising Your Finances Post Spring Budget 2024: A Comprehensive Analysis

Spring is not just the time for nature to bloom; it's also when financial landscapes often receive a rejuvenating touch. The Spring Budget 2024 has unveiled key fiscal policy changes that spell both challenge and opportunity for profes...

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Navigating the UK Tax Year 2024/2025: A Contractor’s Essential Guide


As we approach the cusp of the new tax year, UK contractors find themselves at the frontier of change, where fiscal policy has been recalibrated to meet the demands of a rapidly evolving economy. With the recent announcements in the Au...

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25 Years Of The Sterling Group


For over 25 years, The Sterling Group has been a trusted partner in providing essential contractor solutions across the UK. As we reflect on our journey so far, we are exceptionally proud of how far we have come in supporting both cont...

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Autumn Statement 2023 – How will it affect you?


In the Autumn Statement 2023, the Chancellor Jeremy Hunt announced some key changes he is implementing for the growth of the UK's economy. One of the most notable changes is the decrease in National Insurance for employees from 12% dow...

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The Sterling Group and the Benefits of Working with Us as Your Contracting Partner


Are you a contractor looking for a reliable and compliant company to work with? Look no further than The Sterling Group. With almost 25 years of experience in the industry, we offer a range of services that cater to your specific requi...

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4 Reasons Why The Sterling Group is the Ideal Contracting Partner for You


If you’re looking for an experienced and reliable contracting partner, look no further than The Sterling Group. With almost 30 years of experience in the recruitment and consulting industries, we bring a wealth of knowledge that enable...

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HMRC provides guidance for spotting a compliant umbrella company


Working with a compliant umbrella company is crucial for both contractors and agencies alike. We have likely all heard the unseemly tales of dodgy businesses carrying out a disguised remuneration tax avoidance scheme, under the appeara...

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Moving from PSC to Umbrella


We have some compelling reasons why both contractors and agencies should partner with Sterling ahead of our competitors.   Contractors We offer competitive flexible margins Dedicated account manager that will support y...

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Prevention is the best cure…


Are you looking for an Umbrella company that offers that little bit more, with more added extras and benefits? Maybe with the upcoming IR35 reforms, you are looking to move from your limited company and want to know what benefits an...

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IR35 reforms are looming, do you have contractors in search of an Umbrella provider? Are you a contractor looking for an Umbrella provider?


IR35 reforms are due to come into force in April 2021, however many contractors are now looking at their options in readiness. We have already seen a high number of Limited Company contractors switching to our Umbrella services, and we...

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