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Gender Pay Gap Written Statement

The Sterling Group of Companies are fully compliant with all relevant legislation and wholly committed to our duty to report our Gender Pay Gap findings for 2016/17.

The employees we are reporting on are legally employed by our Sterling Umbrella company which, by its nature, does not lend itself to the typical pay structure of a salaried individual. The individuals will usually source their work through a recruitment agency and Sterling Umbrella company will processes payments for these employees for work carried out (at a specified rate of hourly pay received from the agency) on assignments ranging from one day to twelve months and beyond.

The majority of the subjects we report on were only paid intermittently and for very short assignments leading to distortion of the figures and therefore cannot reflect a true figure of someone’s annual pay. Furthermore, distinguishing between what may be classed as ‘Full Pay Relevant Employees’ and ‘Relevant Employees’ is not possible due to the varied number of hours paid per individual in a pay period. For the purposes of our reporting therefore, we have classed all subjects as ‘Full Pay Relevant Employees’ and used their hourly rate regardless of hours worked.

With regard to ‘Bonuses’, these are uncommon through an Umbrella company and cannot necessarily be identified as ‘Bonuses’ in the traditional sense (they may be reimbursed expenses or similar). Furthermore, if any of these types are pay are received and identified, then these do not necessarily relate to a period of time upon which they were employed by Sterling Umbrella.

Additionally, Sterling Umbrella Ltd is a leading Umbrella company specialising in the construction and Rail industry which is very heavily male dominated. Our data therefore returns a very low percentage of female contractors (approximately 2% of the workforce) resulting in issues if one attempts to make direct comparisons of pay between genders.

This statement confirms that the published information is accurate at the time of publishing and is signed by Nicholas Simon Percival, Director.

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