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Throughout our years in business Sterling has developed lasting and successful business relationships with recruitment agencies throughout the UK.

We have achieved this success through our endeavours to provide a compliant and customer focused service that benefits both agencies and contractors.

We follow the strict HMRC guidelines and procedures across all services, and react immediately to legislation changes, thereby ensuring that we are always up to date with changes within our industry.

The benefits to agencies of outsourcing labour with Sterling

  • Significant reduction in administrative requirements and therefore associated costs to your business.
  • Outsourcing labour will allow for opportunities to increase revenue.
  • Contractors placed with Sterling will benefit from human resources support and AWR guidance, as well as health and safety assistance, therefore saving agencies time and money.
  • Contractors will receive comprehensive insurance cover that will potentially reduce agency premiums.
  • Confidence that contractors are paid accurately and on time.
  • Assurance that all legal obligations are met for contractors.

Our accreditations

To emphasise our commitment to providing a service that is carried out compliantly we have achieved accreditations with a number of governing bodies, giving our recruitment agency partners the peace of mind and reassurance that we do things properly.


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