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The benefits of outsourcing labour from Sterling Umbrella and Sterling Self Employed are vast, in large part due to the reduced burden of employment responsibilities that would usually fall to an agency when employing a contractor on a temporary basis.

Our comprehensive services for contractors have been designed to suit the requirements of any contractor and therefore recruiters can benefit from drastically reduced administration time as the expert team at Sterling take care of everything. This allows you to focus on other areas of the business, safe in the knowledge that contractors are effectively taken care of.


With Sterling Umbrella the majority of responsibilities expected of agencies with regards to contractors is taken over by the Sterling team. This includes the liabilities and administration of PAYE, holiday pay and sick pay which are all undertaken by Sterling Umbrella. We also carry out eligibility to work checks on each worker saving you time and further reducing the burden on your agency.

Alongside this, Sterling will also provide each contractor with access to Human Resources and Health & Safety departments, therefore safeguarding a contractor’s welfare.

Sterling LIMITED

For recruiters placing individuals who operate their own limited company (or those who would like to start a limited company) we can offer a comprehensive accountancy service. Those registered with our Sterling LIMITED service can benefit from the peace of mind that comes with using an accountancy service with a high level of expertise in the contracting industry as well as competitive fees.

Limited company directors registered with us can also benefit from insurance and business banking through our partners.


Outsourcing labour through our self-employed route transfers the responsibility of handling multiple contractors separately from an agency and is subsequently centralised through one company (Sterling). Sterling Self Employed encompasses our CIS scheme; through which we provide rigorous and compliant processes to ensure contractors meet the criteria for the scheme and those in the construction industry follow the requirements of the Construction Industry Scheme.

Our self-employed contractors also benefit from public liability insurance as standard as part of our package.


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