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Sterling operate under the ethos of excellent customer service and stringent compliance with industry regulations at all times

Compliance is not only an important aspect for Sterling as a business, but for the agencies we work with as well as the contractors. By having a fully compliant service we protect our clients, agencies and contractors.

We ensure compliance across all of our services, including:

Expense claims

We have years of experience of dealing with expense claims and stay up-to-date with changes in legislation and guidance from HMRC to ensure contractors are claiming for allowable expenses.

Employee contracts

For contractors registered with us on our umbrella service, we regularly review and update our contracts of employment and services to guarantee they comply with employment contract law.

Eligibility to work checks (ETW)

These are crucial to ensuring that workers are legally able to work within the UK. This in turn safeguards both agencies and end clients. The team at Sterling carry out these checks on all of our workers to confirm they have the legal right to work within the UK.


We take care of pension enrolment for all of our employed workers in line with the government’s auto-enrolment.


For those who are self-employed our services offer the reassurance that tax affairs will be dealt with in line with any legislation and will be kept up-to-date.

Our Accreditations

There are simple ways to identify compliant contractor service providers, such as Sterling, by the accreditations that they hold.

We are very proud that we hold numerous accreditations that show our commitment to compliance.

For the agencies and contractors that we work with, our accreditations provide the security of having the knowledge that our company has undergone the official verification process by governing bodies. These bodies review our processes and confirm our compliance with regards to numerous aspects of our business.

Take a look through the accreditations that we hold: