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Contracting around the Christmas festivities

Tuesday 20th November 2018

Whilst many may joke or moan that the Christmas season comes earlier and earlier each year, for those in the contracting community, planning for the Christmas period early is a vital component to ensuring a successful New Year.

Whilst it may be that your contract will run throughout the Christmas period and into the new year, many other contractors will find themselves seeking new contracting opportunities right at the time that businesses begin to wind down for the festive celebrations, which will ultimately have a knock-on effect into early 2019. Subsequently, planning your Christmas and New Year schedule in advance is vital in the contracting world.

Planning for the festive period doesn’t necessarily have to include actively working on a contract, it could include a whole host of other activities that will positively impact your contracting career. Below we take a look at three ways to use your time in the run-up to Christmas, and the Christmas period itself, wisely.

Contracting around Christmas

Planning for Christmas as a contractor

Establishing a contract for the New Year

If your contract ends before or during the Christmas period, begin seeking out new contracting as early as possible so that you can hit the ground running come the New Year. December is often a quiet month for businesses and subsequently many will have already negotiated contracts for January, therefore it is vital that you start early.

Updating your contracting credentials

If you find yourself free during the festive period, be it due to awaiting the start of a new contract or delaying seeking a new opportunity until the New Year, a great way to use your down time is to update and improve your CV so that it reflects your most up to date experience and skills, giving you a much better chance when it comes to seeking new contracts.


Take a look at your CV and identify if there are any gaps in your skills that could ultimately help you win further contracts, or even skills that you need to brush up on. If you find yourself at a lose end over the Christmas period, this is an ideal time to fit in some training so that you are in a better contracting position come January.

One of the most important aspects of the Christmas period that we would adamantly stress to contractors is to leave yourself time to unwind and relax. Contracting can be a busy and stressful career path, and therefore making time for yourself to recharge will greatly benefit your career and your health in the long run.

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