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How do you know that your umbrella company is compliant?

Thursday 4th January 2024

Sterling - How do you know that your umbrella company is compliant?

As a contractor, your reputation and livelihood depend on compliance – having all of your paperwork and processes in order so you can focus on the work, without worrying about potential issues. However, staying on top of today’s complex regulatory landscape alone is a daunting task. That’s where The Sterling Group aims to provide support by handling all aspects of your payroll, insurance, compliance and more so you can co concentrate on your role without these headaches. But how can you really know if we actually have all the bases covered? 


Look for insurance and compliance documentation to ensure the correct cover for your role and industry. Our team is always available if you need to confirm any details about our insurance or any other aspect of your contract.  A compliant company will proudly display and make available to you the relevant certificates and policies  They should also make available  any professional accreditations  they have obtained to demonstrate compliance, such as membership of the FCSA, or Professional Passport and any financial accreditations. Lack of documentation could be a red flag.

Reviews and Research:

Another way to confirm compliance is to check reviews and do your research. See what other customers are saying about how the company handles compliance and regulations. You can also search online for any compliance issues or violations the company may have faced. Our TrustPilot review is rated excellent and keeps growing – you can check that out right here:


When working with an umbrella company ensure they are transparent regarding any deductions made from your earnings.   The payslip should clearly state what all the deductions are for.  Sterling issues every contractor with a payslip guide which clearly and transparently shows all deductions made. We are always happy to discuss this at the start of your assignment to ensure you fully understand the process.

Compliance is deeply integrated into our company’s culture. At every level, from our dedicated leaders to our frontline team, we ensure that regulatory knowledge is nurtured and shared. Our committed employees understand that compliance is not just important, but it is our utmost priority. We will always encourage our contractors to review contracts and policies. Do terms clearly  explain relevant compliance obligations? Compliant companies make their standards transparent.  Our team is well versed in making sure you’re fully up to date and are able to understand exactly what you are working with. We encourage you to ask questions! As one of the longest established contractor organisation in the UK  compliance and customer service is at the forefront of everything we do. 

Third-Party Audits

Consider a third-party audit. The gold standard is independent validation of a company’s internal compliance workings. Look for companies that undergo regular third-party audits. We take the time out to review our verification every year to stay consistently compliant. Our 2023 audit is already underway.  HMRC have a guide about working via an umbrella company it may be helpful to check out the link:

Finally, trust your intuition – pursue companies that inspire confidence in their commitment to following both the letter and spirit of regulations. Honesty and transparency are hallmarks of umbrella companies that prioritise compliance.

If you have any questions about the compliance of The Sterling Group, or need to chat about any of our services you can get in touch with us by emailing or call 01925 626 200


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