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A guide to claiming contractor expenses

Thursday 5th July 2018

One of the most popular benefits that contracting brings is the ability to claim back legitimate business-related expenses. However, this benefit is meticulously regulated and depends on the type of contract undertaken.

Contractors working with Sterling will work on numerous temporary assignments, however should a contractor only carry out a single assignment then this would be considered their permanent place of employment and therefore no expenses can be claimed.

contractor expenses

In 2016 regulations regarding expenses became even trickier to navigate as further rules on Supervision, Direction and Control (SDC) came into force, which meant contractors would be required to complete a further assessment in order to determine their SDC status.

Supervision direction and control essentially evaluates whether your contracting work is truly your own work and not directed by a person within the business for whom you are contracting. For example, if you are working as an IT contractor within a business, but someone is supervising your work throughout to ensure it is carried out correctly, they are directing you with regards to how the work should be done or they are providing training on the work at hand, then you would be subject to SDC.

What expenses can you claim?

Once we have confirmed that you are not subject to SDC, then you can claim back expenses on any number of work related items including:

Making an expense claim with Sterling

It has never been easier for Sterling contractors to submit their expense claims. Simply visit our Sterling Mobile App and submit.

For more information on making your claim with Sterling Group, take a look at our comprehensive guide to expenses here.

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