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Why you’re in safe hands with Sterling

Friday 2nd February 2018

Sterling - Why you’re in safe hands with Sterling

The team here at Sterling is committed to ensuring that all of our contractors receive a quality and compliant service, for any and all of the Sterling routes that they choose; no matter their circumstance we will have the ideal route to suit the needs of a contractor.

Established since 1998 we have spent nearly 20 years building our reputation, and it is down to our reputation that we are placed on many recruitment agencies’ preferred supplier list; our service is consistently kept at a high standard.

We make sure that all of our services are carried out both legally and to strict compliance regulations, so contractors can rest assured that they will not be chased by HMRC for any backdated claims; this is all handled on their behalf.

Here is why you’re in safe hands with Sterling

We endeavour to make all aspects of our work here at Sterling focused on quality and compliance so that our contractors receive the highest quality service. To aid in demonstrating our commitment to maintaining a quality and compliant service, we are members of a number of different trade bodies and organisations that set guidelines, monitor or audit our business on a regular basis.


We maintain a quality service through memberships with:

As we have shown, our commitment to quality and compliance is second to none and this is reflected in some of the fantastic feedback we have from our contractors.

90% stated that our processes are straightforward and an astounding 82% would recommend us to other contractors.

Get in touch with us today and find out how you will be in safe hands with Sterling.

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