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PRISM and Sterling

Sunday 25th February 2018

Sterling - PRISM and Sterling

Sterling is an accredited member of PRISM, a membership organisation set up to provide a platform to highlight and promote the important role that professional payment intermediary companies such as umbrella and payroll companies play in supporting the UK’s flexible workforce.

Contracting industry growth

The proportion of UK workers in temporary work or working as contractors and freelancers has grown significantly in recent years and as the working population has changed and become more flexible demand for the services of contractor organisations like Sterling has grown too.

As the industry has expanded it has also been forced to change and adapt.  The government and HMRC have introduced changes to tax and legislation in attempts to ensure revenue is generated from taxing flexible workers.

As changes are proposed and prior to implementation it is important that our industry has a voice and is able to feedback and lobby on the issues that could have an impact on our industry as well as on the contractors who use our services.   Trade associations, such as PRISM, play an important role in seeking views and opinions and in representing members of the industry in discussions with government, HMRC and the media.

They also support members with advice and guidance on compliance and promote adhering to high standards of compliance and professionalism.

Sterling’s membership of PRISM

Sterling is an accredited member of PRISM and our Director Ian Black sits on the executive committee as the umbrella provider representative.  Ian is actively involved and attends regular meetings of the committee to discuss and debate issues affecting the industry and contractors.

Membership of PRISM is open to any organisation which operates within the services sector.  Our status, as an accredited member, demonstrates that Sterling has been through a process of independent compliance verification.  We have also signed up to the PRISM code of ethics.

PRISM takes the views of its members and acts as a voice and a link to government and industry raising issues surrounding legislation and regulation and ensuring that the sector is heard.

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