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The top benefits of outsourced payroll for recruiters


For any business, payroll is a vital part of the day to day running, without a payroll department in place, a business will ultimately cease trading. For the recruitment industry in particular, without an efficient and reliable payroll...

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How did respondents react to CEST in the IR35 consultation?


Reforms to IR35 legislation in April 2017 brought with it the government’s new tools for contractors and agencies alike to check employment status for tax (CEST). However, since its introduction, CEST has come under a great deal of scr...

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Will the government allow for the reassessment of contractors’ IR35 status?


When HMRC introduced changes to IR35 legislation last April, it also introduced a tool for employers to help when determining the IR35 status of a contractor, named Check Employment Status for Tax (CEST). Over the past year, this tool ...

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The UK’s new cyber security body


Following the government’s proposals outlined in the 2016-2021 National Cyber Security Strategy, published in 2016, a consultation has been opened to gain professional perspective on the proposals and how they will impact UK businesses...

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UK construction is expanding


The UK’s construction industry grew at its fastest rate in over a year in July, in a surprise for economists who had predicted a growth slowdown for the sector. Growth and decline in the industry are identified through the Purchasin...

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Switching umbrella company to Sterling


Ensuring that your recruitment agency is working with a compliant, customer focused and reliable umbrella company is vital to maintaining positive relationships with the contractors you work with. You need to be confident in the fact t...

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Female IT contractor numbers have risen by 25%


Recent research has revealed that the proportion of female IT contractors has increased by 25% in the period between 2016 and 2017. In total women accounted for just 16.5% of the IT contractor workforce in 2017, an increase from 13.8% ...

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The benefits of the Sterling app for contractors


For contractors using our CIS and Umbrella services, we are committed to making their lives easier, both at home and at work. To make contractor requirements simpler and more accessible to complete, we have built the Sterling app which...

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Sterling’s view on IR35


IR35 has been a significant topic of discussion within the contracting community over the past year, following changes to IR35 regulations for the public sector back in April 2017. Below we will explore the history behind IR35, how cha...

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Government boost of £22 million fund for Construction Skills


Over 158,000 new jobs in the construction industry are expected to be created within the UK over the coming five years. In order to help ensure this goal is achieved, the government has introduced a £22 million Construction Skills Fund...

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