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Five benefits of umbrella service for recruiters

Wednesday 10th July 2019

Using an umbrella service offers many advantages for workers but there are clear benefits for recruiters too.  Here are five of the benefits that recruiters share with us when we ask them about using our services.

benefits of umbrella service

Benefits to recruiters

Save time

Using an umbrella service to pay your contractors simplifies the whole process for recruiters. As long as you choose a provider which operates professionally and efficiently you will save time dealing with workers and queries over pay.

Reduce administration

The administration involved in employing workers, processing timesheets and payroll is substantial.  An umbrella company will take on the burden of administration and will have the staff, processes and software in place to do so efficiently.

Manage risk

Employing people carries with it, certain obligations.  There is a raft of legislation which must be adhered to and by using an umbrella company they will become the employer.  This means that the responsibility for paying minimum wage, deducting tax and NI and other employer obligations such as pension auto-enrolment is passed to the umbrella provider.

Improve flexibility

Busy periods or quiet weeks? A new intake of workers. High demand for seasonal recruits.  A good umbrella company will support you and your business as worker numbers fluctuate.  This gives extra flexibility, enabling recruiters to adapt and manage efficiently when demand is at its highest without the need to take on additional staff in house to manage payroll or right to work checks.

Peace of mind

Working with a reputable provider you can be confident that your workers will be paid accurately and on time. You can rest assured that their rights as employees will be taken care of and they will be working compliantly.

The benefits above are clear, the key is finding the right umbrella service to partner with.  If you are looking for an umbrella company to support you speak to our team today to find out more.


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