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The regulations regarding expense claims for contractors working under umbrella companies have changed significantly over the past few years.

Prior to submitting a claim, Sterling will need to verify that your assignment allows you to claim expenses.

This could be if you are not under the supervision, direction and control of the end client or your engagement involves travelling to sites other than your permanent work place.

Please view our guide to expenses for more information.

For more information on expenses and what you can claim, we have compiled a useful guide:

View guide to expenses

How to claim expenses

To claim back expenses, all you need to do is log into our portal using your email address and password you gave us when you registered and submit your claim.

Hard copy expense forms are available on request should you require them; however, we must make you aware that submitting your expenses via this method will take longer as they will need to be returned via post along with original copies of VAT receipts.

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