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Sterling's health and safety management systems

Within the handbook we outline Sterling’s health and safety management systems that contractors must abide by whilst working with the Sterling Group, as well as guidance on the do’s and don’ts to prevent injury and illness in the workplace. These should work as a supplement to the client’s own policies and procedures when undertaking work assignments.

We endeavour to ensure that contractors using our services are working in an environment that does not risk their health or safety, therefore we actively promote and provide guidance to contractors on ensuring a safe and healthy working environment.

As a Group, we are also committed to ensuring health and safety best practice is shared across the industry, therefore we are dedicated to working alongside other key businesses within the recruitment industry to share our knowledge, experience and ultimately improve standards industry wide.

When signed up to a route with Sterling, contractors will be provided with health and safety guidance from our dedicated team, as well as having access to Sterling’s Health & Safety Handbook.

Our handbook provides guidance on a number of workplace health and safety risks, including but not limited to:

  • Asbestos
  • Rail
  • Work at height
  • Fire safety
  • Electricity
  • Machinery
  • First aid
  • And countless others

You can refresh your memory of our Health & Safety procedures, by taking a look our Handbook.

Want to benefit from Sterling’s health and safety guidance for contractors?

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